Will Canada emerge as a global leader in the new digital economy?

We're a coalition of Canadian blockchain companies working for smart standards and public policy that protects consumers, supports innovation and keeps jobs in Canada.

Why Now
Why we're here

Our group is shining a
light on blockchain innovation

Consumer Protection Needs

A confusing, market changing technology breakthrough has resulted in a financial vehicle that is complicated.

Standards & Public Policy

As canadians working with this technology we're well positioned to advocate for, coordinate and design industry governance standards that lead the way to smart, balanced regulation.

Keeping out bad Actors

Every industry has those that look to take advantage of opportunity. Our goal is to help identify and out those bad actors.

Our good mission

Straight forward and simple, Canada as a leader in Blockchain Technology

01We have been, historically, a natural resource dependent nation in a world facing a global digital revolution.

02As this shift occurs, Canadians deserve to be a world leader in borderless global economy.

03Our global leadership in this new technology is a point of pride, we seek to maintain this leadership.

04Read more about our Mission & Vision.

What makes this important

We have an opportunity in front of us
we haven't seen in multiple lifetimes

This is a layer of technology that is intended to be enabling of other businesses being built, so that we can allow visionary entrepreneurs to build their ideas for the future.
Matthew Spoke

Founder, Aion

This is the one time where we have a lottery ticket in our hands that we can cash for trillions of dollars of value that could define the future of an entire global industry. We can do that, we have the opportunity right now , but we have to act.
Albert Lai

CEO, Big Viking Games

They have started with technology and talent and they are going to the jurisdictions that have made it the most clear how they will be regulated.
Michele Romanow

Co-Founder, Clearbanc

Any type of utilization of a digital asset, theres a bank involved, there’s a lawyer involved, there’s an agent involved and there is time involved. What blockchain allows us to do is eliminate all of those and reduce the cost dramatically to the consuerl and the creator.
Bill Rayburn

Executive Board Member, BTCC

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Why there has never been a more important time.

This is only the

Bitcoin-style cryptoeconomic incentive design is a new economic design paradigm, that has already achieved incredible results, creating the first widespread digital currency. In 2018, we are building multi-billion dollar blockchain projects, incentivizing humans using the same principles.


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